It was at the beginning of 1950s. Our establisher Aslan Dagci founded his small atelier under his house. All people around him was dealing with farming and fattening. Being curious about tool making Aslan Dagci started to make small agriculture tools. Till the mid of 1960s he got busy in his village. With the start of immigration to cities Aslan Dagci moved to Suluova with his family. He taught metal processing to his children. Dagci Atelier growed in a very short time with 5 brothers. Continuing with stove, fuel tank, water tank and hand tools Dagci Family tried to give services to the demands of regional people. In the mids of 1970s he started to manufacture tractor awning through the demand of regional farmers and decided to improve tractor cabins. With the cabin production the name Dagcilar Kabin showed up. The name got beyond the limits and with successful marketing policy the company got its place in local market. Dagcilar Kabin felt of moving from atelier culture to factory culture because of growing fast. In 1983 the first serial production facility Dagcilar Kabin San. A.S. was established. The product range was water tank, trailer, water container, fuel tank and cabin. With the facility Dagcilar Kabin started bigger investmets and to increase product range the company established Kervan Makine facilities in Merzifon in 1994. In this facility back loading buckets, cultivator, chisel, hoists, water tanks were manufactured. Starting the adventure with a small atelier the facility became 10.000m2 closed and 18.000m2 total area in years. Dagcilar Kabin ve Makina targets to give the best services to our farmers, dealershiphs and tractor facilities with technological and intellectual investments. Being in the global market our company knows the necessity of the investments to increase its qualtiy and to follow world standards and continues its investments.

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